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This group is for people who are interested in ancient American Indian tribes who have become extinct or eradicated. It would include keeping up with the latest news about tribes that have been discovered and identified through archaeological digs and other means.

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In the United States alone, more than two hundred Native American tribes have become extinct due to assimilation, eradication or by other means since 1492. How many tribes did we lose even before Christopher Columbus came? I think we could easily estimate around five hundred. We're talking over 12,000 yrs., so I'm sure there are many, many more.

Every day all across North and South America, archealogists are finding many of these lost tribes. Through scientific means, we get a glimpse of people that time has forgotten.

So the group's purpose would be to learn and follow stories about the latest in attempts to tell the story of these amazing tribes. There are things going on that your local news will pick up and might not go national. For example, a lot is happening in Tenn. right now. Members of the group who live in the Southeast could share that news. If we got members from all over the country, there's no telling what we could share.

The people of these tribes might be the main focus, but what about the land and animals from times going back from three hundred yrs. to twelve thousand yrs. and even further? What would have been their food souces? What was their unique way of living? There are so many questions that can be answered now and in the future.

Feel free to write articles or seed them. It doesn't have to be just about the news of scientists finding ancient tribes.There are a lot of articles on the history of ancient tribes that are already on the websites. There are many legends for example about the Incas, Aztecs, and Myans. Also feel free to share images, videos, music, poetry, literature--anything that reminds you of our lost ancient American tribes.

There are just a couple of rules. Abiding by the CoH would be extremely important.

Another important rule is for us to not to have heated debates. We all know that things have never been fair and may never be. But we can focus on the positive in trying to find the truth about these amazing tribes whose spirits are calling us. They deserve our attention. (Let me note here though that it's not as easy as I make it sound. There are conflicting feelings in most of us about these subjects. Should the remains of ancient tribes be disturbed at all? It should be left up to tribes in the area if at all possible.)

That's it. I hope you'll at least look at what we have to offer even if you don't become a member.

I almost forgot. Feel free to find articles from other viners and clip them to the group if you don't think they'll mind. And of course ask other viners to join.

So welcome!

Darrah (group created on June 20, 2011.)